August 4, 2022


Good Developers Code. Great Developers Do Much more.

4 min read

Secrets to surviving as a developer: Documentation, lightening up, and being nice in code reviews.

Support Innovation: How Cisco TAC is transforming documentation and simplifying self-service

2 min read

Cisco Support Services’ TAC is on a quest to improve self-service offerings, make information easier to find, and help you resolve issues without opening a case. To achieve this goal, we have refactored and remodeled the oldest but most heavily used type of intellectual capital: Documentation. 

March 15, 2013


Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide

1 min read

The 2013 Cisco Product Quick Reference Guide is now shipping, and you can order it right now on The 2013 guide provides an overview of the many Cisco products, services, and solutions for every part of your business. It’s all you need in one portable guide:  An easy-to-use reference that includes chapters on routing, […]