Co-author: Ambrose Taylor

You need to add a new switch to a stack of Catalyst 9300 switches, but it will not join the stack. You could open a Technical Assistance Center (TAC) Case for help but would rather find the answers yourself. Finding the answer on your own timeline is the easiest way to solve the problem quickly, which is easily done as you go and find the solution at Verify and Troubleshoot Stackwise on Catalyst’ 9200/9300

Cisco Support Services’ TAC is on a quest to improve self-service offerings, make information easier to find, and help you resolve issues without opening a case. To achieve this goal, we have refactored and remodeled the oldest but most heavily used type of intellectual capital: Documentation. Focusing on continual improvement and innovation, we will keep transforming with your feedback.

We have created a new framework called DOC-IC (Documentation Intellectual Capital) to create high-value content, that is easy to find. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) across our technology spaces, create documents and videos based on what our customers need and the trends in our product.

Here is how we are simplifying your experience:

Making Self-Service Easy

Requesting Help

  • Cisco community: There is a wealth of information and advice available from other Cisco customers who may have experienced an issue already and have provided a solution. For more information, visit the applicable Cisco Community.
  • Raising a case: If you are not able to find a resolution on the Community, raise a support case at Cisco Support.

Feedback and Improvement

Your input helps. If you find an issue specific to a document, please let us know. Remember to provide as much detail as possible when submitting a request or feedback on an existing document including information regarding the section, area, or issue you had with the document and what could be improved.

You can provide feedback in a few ways:

As we transform and innovate our business, we’d love your input!

If you have further suggestions, send and email to



Jami Stewart

Vice President, Customer Experience (CX)

CX Centers Americas