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IP for Broadcasters: Broadcasters Get Enhanced and Simplified Operations with Cisco and Nevion

6 min read

The transition to internet protocol (IP) networks from SDI (Serial Digital Interface) has been underway in the broadcast industry for some time. Nevion and Cisco have partnered to deliver world-class, future-proof, and multi-location IP-based Media Solutions to support both studio production and remote production use cases.

Cisco Point of View on: NextGen Broadcasting

4 min read

It's not just the move to IP that’s important to braodcasters. It’s also the move to IT. Broadcasters are now moving their infrastructure to more software-centric workflows. This helps create a cloud-native environment for broadcast media.

October 22, 2014


Bridging the Gap Between Social and Digital Media

2 min read

I’ve come across many articles touting the differences between digital and social media. Here’s one, for example, that suggests the words have lost their meaning entirely. It raises some good questions. What does digital even mean, anyway? And isn’t all media basically social in nature? A great take on it comes from Cisco’s Vice President […]

January 11, 2013


New Year’s Resolution: Digital Diet

2 min read

Today’s students are connected. This past holiday break, I was reminded just how much Gen Y (18-30 year olds) requires anytime access to the tools in their life. I came to the realization that board games and cards may become a thing of the past.    If you don’t have a smartphone and/or tablet, you’re considered […]