Wendy Leung

Former Marketing Manager, Private Sector Industries

No Longer with Cisco

Wendy Leung is the Digital and Social Media Manager for the Global Financial Services Industry team at Cisco.

Wendy Leung has worked at Cisco for 5 years in various Marketing functions including Corporate Marketing, Marketing Finance and Products and Solutions Marketing.


March 6, 2013


Sneak peek of the Exhibit Booths at the Cisco Virtual Forum for Education Leaders

1 min read

This quarter, I had the privilege to work on a stretch assignment in the Education Marketing Team, to manage the Exhibit Booth and the dashboard for the Virtual Event Forum for Education Leaders, 2013.  It will be held on March 19 (Americas, and EMEA) and March 20 (Asia-Pacific), and will feature sessions with nineteen education […]

February 13, 2013


Wifi password please?

Back in the days, I was one of those students who wanted the most up to date scientific calculators and the latest design of the Trapper Keeper notebook.  These days, it’s the wifi access the students want, to stay connected anytime, anywhere on their smartphones or tablets. According to the Cisco Connected World Technology Report more […]

January 11, 2013


New Year’s Resolution: Digital Diet

2 min read

Today’s students are connected. This past holiday break, I was reminded just how much Gen Y (18-30 year olds) requires anytime access to the tools in their life. I came to the realization that board games and cards may become a thing of the past.    If you don’t have a smartphone and/or tablet, you’re considered […]