broadcasting technology

April 8, 2024


Transform Media Broadcasting with IP: Cisco and Imagine Communications

4 min read

The integration between Imagine Communications and Cisco is shaping the future of media technology. As the landscape evolves, this integration stands as a testament to the power of forward-thinking and interoperability in creating networks that are not just equipped for today’s demands but are also paving the way for the future of media production and distribution.

IP for Broadcasters: Broadcasters Get Enhanced and Simplified Operations with Cisco and Nevion

6 min read

The transition to internet protocol (IP) networks from SDI (Serial Digital Interface) has been underway in the broadcast industry for some time. Nevion and Cisco have partnered to deliver world-class, future-proof, and multi-location IP-based Media Solutions to support both studio production and remote production use cases.

Why Nine’s Move to an IP Media Fabric Solution is the Future of Broadcasting

2 min read

Nine recognized the need to adapt and has now moved their Sydney broadcast centers to run entirely over Internet Protocol (IP).

Five Broadcasting Technology Transition Factors to Consider

4 min read

Broadcast engineers are facing many technology decisions. Designing and managing a media workflow that's flexible and efficient through every stage of content production has numerous factors to consider. This blog discusses 5 broadcasting technology trends and the impact on technology choice.