Cisco Showcases Media Blueprint at IBC Amsterdam

For media content creators and broadcasters, speed from content creation to delivery is a business imperative.

September 7, 2018


IBC 2018: How Cisco and its partners are driving Innovation and Scale in Media!

I remember when I was a kid being blessed to be able to go to the Circus. The entertainers were amazing and the clowns, well not so much! One thing...

September 14, 2017


IBC 2017: On Making Deposits into the Broadcast/Media Ecosystem

The technology trend that is the progression of broadcast/media creators along the continuum to all-IP (Internet Protocol) operation is well past the “incubation” stage, and somewhere between a walk and a jog. See what I mean by that.

September 20, 2016


We Won!

Written by Christelle Gental  IBC 2016 treated us with the hottest weather in 20 years – and with the prize for the Best Stand Design in its size category – described as providing an ‘inviting, stunning and fresh approach’! What a wonderful surprise and amazing reward for the team who worked hard for the last […]

September 19, 2016


Talk the Talk or Walk the Walk?

Written by Gideon Gilboa, Director of Marketing, Service Provider Video There’s been a lot of noise recently about the impact of cloud on the pay TV business. If you attended IBC in Amsterdam last week, you will no doubt have heard buzz words like cloud, SaaS, DevOps and virtualization from all vendors. But let’s go beyond the […]

September 14, 2016


Latest Trends on DDoS Attacks

This week we’ve been talking a lot about security, and especially security for video applications. One challenge facing everyone – mobile, cloud, video – is Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. Three key points – Attacks are getting bigger. We’re now seeing volumetric attacks of up to 400 Gigabits per second. DDoS attacks are getting […]

September 12, 2016


A Few Words on Streaming Piracy Operations… and the Limitations of Current Anti-Piracy Measures

By Ted Rose, Operational Security, Service Provider Video Software and Solutions, Cisco Many (if not most!) service providers identify illegal streaming as the next big threat to their business. The problem is that in the multi-faceted, continuously expanding landscape of illegal streaming, it’s hard to define the enemy and even more difficult to choose the […]

September 12, 2016


BT and Cisco Enable Secure Digitization for De Beers and Nationwide

Globally, cyber crime is skyrocketing. No matter what business you are involved in; cyber criminals are looking for ways to infiltrate your business for profit. Retail establishments are targeted for credit card theft, motion picture studios have had unreleased films stolen, and hospital databases have been infiltrated to steal patient identities. Organizations like the DNC […]

September 10, 2016


No Technology is an Island

As consumers, we’re aware that we live in an increasingly connected world. It’s all around us. More and more we just expect things to work. So why shouldn’t we expect the same in our business relationships? Why should we wait for integration to take place when we just want two things to work together? We […]