As consumers, we’re aware that we live in an increasingly connected world.

It’s all around us. More and more we just expect things to work.

So why shouldn’t we expect the same in our business relationships? Why should we wait for integration to take place when we just want two things to work together?

We shouldn’t need to build bridges from one technical platform for another. These things should just work together.

With apologies to John Donne, no technology should be an island.

At Cisco, we’ve always seen our partners not just as a means to extend our own capability, but as a way of bringing the best technologies to our customers. And when we do this, our customers benefit, by delivering the best possible services to their consumers.

Our Infinite Video Platform employs the best of cloud technology to ensure we can provide the best partners to our customers. But having a partner network is one thing, ensuring they all work together is something else.

evergent 2

We know that the only way we can deliver value to our customers is by making sure our partners are seamlessly integrated with our own Infinite Video Platform. That’s why we’re really excited about our recently announced partnership with Evergent.

A provider of subscriber and account management solutions, Evergent offers carrier grade cloud-based software to bring a wide range of capabilities to service providers. These include account and billing management, customer self-care, catalog and offer management, all with associated administrative and workflow tools.

By partnering with Evergent, we’re ensuring that our Infinite Video Platform customers have access to the best technologies out there so they can generate more revenue and delight their consumers, whilst making their back office functions more efficient.

And because we ensure that our integrated solutions always work together, there’s no need to go through the challenges and delays of integration, or deal with managing multiple roadmaps.

Learn more about our Infinite Video Platform, or visit us at IBC 2016 where we’ll be showcasing our integrated solution. We’ll be happy to give you a demonstration.


Adam Davies

Technical Leader, Engineering

Service Provider, Video Solutions