Cisco Research

Cisco funds innovative research to address technology challenges of the pandemic

3 min read

Wanting to step up to the challenge of pandemic preparedness, Cisco Research solicited research proposals that address both the science and technology aspects of problems around the detection, mitigation, and analysis of COVID-19.

May 12, 2016


First-Movers Make Cybersecurity Their Digital Foundation

1 min read

To win in today’s market where disruptive startups and agile competitors are advancing on all sides, digitizing the enterprise to infuse greater agility and innovation is critical. This means transforming your operating model, which includes reimagining products and services, business models, as well as business function strategies for marketing, operations, and finance. To succeed, companies […]

April 14, 2015


Cybersecurity in the Post-Quantum Era

3 min read

One of the great scientific challenges of our time is the construction of a practical quantum computer. Operating using the counterintuitive principles of quantum physics, such a device could rapidly explore an vast number of possible states. It could perform computational tasks that are far beyond our current capabilities, such as modeling molecules and designing […]