Cisco CSR Report

Powering an Inclusive Future: A message from CEO Chuck Robbins

2 min read

Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins explains in our latest Impact Report how corporate social responsibility connects to Cisco’s overall business strategy of using technology for good to provide opportunity for all.

December 9, 2020


Powering an inclusive future through corporate social responsibility

5 min read

Our 2020 Corporate Social Responsibility Impact Report details our progress toward powering a more inclusive future for people, communities, and the planet.

Public policy and political support

3 min read

Cisco’s Government Affairs team develops and advocates for pro-technology policies and regulations. We engage with governments at all levels, focusing on public policies that impact Cisco, our partners, and our customers.

Energy efficiency of Cisco products

6 min read

Improving product energy efficiency is more than just a regulatory requirement for Cisco. It’s an opportunity for us to help customers save on energy costs, lower GHG emissions, and reduce global energy demand.

Cisco’s “Our People Deal” movement

3 min read

The Our People Deal movement is a group of Cisco employees who think and act on culture, to make sure we’re implementing Our People Deal – our commitment to conscious culture.

How our employees help us do our part for the environment

2 min read

When it comes to Cisco’s environmental initiatives, employee engagement is key. We educate employees on environmental issues through existing engagement channels and get employees on board with implementation.

The Bridge to Inclusive Technology: Steps we are taking to increase accessibility

1 min read

We are entering an era where everything and everyone is connected. In the process, we’re applying the lessons we’ve learned and building technologies that are secure, accessible, and bring people together.

How Cisco Networking Academy provides a bridge to career possibilities for people everywhere

5 min read

Cisco Networking Academy provides access for anyone, anywhere to gain new digital skills. The program is available to teenagers, those pursuing higher education, and those seeking a new career path.

Helping our people learn and lead

3 min read

New technologies and business models are disrupting our organization and industry, shortening the lifespan of skill sets. As a result, it is essential for our employees to be lifelong learners.