May 10, 2017


Bringing to Market and Selling Multi-Partner IOT Solutions for Digital Transformation, Part 2

In part one of this blog, I discussed the benefits and challenges of bringing to market and selling IOT solutions that are composed of hardware, software and services from multiple companies to deliver digital transformation. Over the last few years, there have been many discussions of digital transformation on the topics of vision, strategy, competition, […]

May 9, 2017


Bringing to Market and Selling Multi-Partner IOT Solutions for Digital Transformation

As the digital world accelerates and companies embrace digital transformation, we need to learn how to effectively bring to market and sell collections of hardware, software and services from numerous companies that are integrated into complex IOT solutions. Each of the layers in the Internet of Things Reference Model (above and bottom of this blog) […]

February 16, 2017


Selling in the World of Digital Transformation

It seems our customers all want the same thing: help addressing their business needs based on the capabilities they’re trying to solve for, help staying ahead of competition, and guidance on the “how” of implementing against their Digital Journey. This might sound like a tall order, but that’s exactly where Cisco and our powerful partner […]

February 13, 2017


Digital Transformation and the Connected Value Exchange

As our customers embark on their digital transformation journey, they have a myriad of vendor, partner and technology options available to revitalize their businesses and produce better outcomes for their consumers. So more than ever – how we (vendors, resellers, integrators) work with these customers along their digital journey makes a big difference in whether […]

October 13, 2016


Leveraging the Ecosystem

Digital transformation offers customers immense opportunity to create new business value, and can only be achieved when it is powered by both our best-of-breed partners and Cisco innovation. We put...