Things move fast in our industry, and when it’s time to change, you can’t hesitate. Cisco’s software transformation is a perfect example. And as we drive innovation in our software, you can trust that we will deliver more visibility into your entitlements and renewals, and more choice in how you purchase and use Cisco technology.

But it hasn’t always been easy. We know software asset and entitlement management is complex, and while our customers and partners value the breadth and depth of our portfolio, we have the opportunity to improve our licensing experience. So, we’re accelerating measures to make Cisco licensing easier to understand, navigate, and manage.

Historically, our product teams could establish their own licensing terms. We’re standardizing this. Website and support information is often outdated, and we’ve been inconsistent in the way we communicate changes. We’re updating this, too. And our license management tools are a little archaic, requiring customers to use multiple portals. We’re centralizing that on a single portal.

Just know this…we’re listening. We know we need to do better. So, we’re rethinking the way we do licensing. We’re making many of the changes you’ve requested.

Here are a few examples of the measures we’re taking to streamline and simplify your licensing experience. We’ll be standardizing our offers. That includes how we package our innovation, including software tiers, terms, and usage meters. Doing this will make it easier for you understand your options and purchase licenses across the Cisco portfolio.

We’re improving our platform with a single, intuitive tool to more easily manage all of your entitlements. You’ll have more visibility into your entitlements and more flexibility in how you choose to manage them.

There will be more self-service capabilities. It will be easier to find the documentation you need, and you’ll become far more efficient when troubleshooting and resolving licensing issues.

Your support experiences for licensing will be more seamless. We’ll ensure that licensing experts are there when you need them with the necessary knowledge. This should reduce time lost due to licensing issues to keep your business up and running smoothly.

And, finally, your whole licensing experience will become more consistent. Thanks to our simplified digital resources and single sources of truth, you’ll soon understand and navigate the content with confidence and ease. Many of the efforts are already underway. In fact, by the time you read this, you’ll be able to visit our newly redesigned website, and our new licensing portal.

Also, these measures I’ve touched on are just the beginning. We’ll be adding new improvements, and new capabilities, as we continue to transform our licensing program into what will ultimately become a more effortless licensing experience.

We commit to simplifying the purchase, access, and management of your licenses. Our goal, as always, is to deliver new improvements you can trust, new innovations to meet your needs, and new choices to make using technology easier. For both today, and tomorrow.

If you’d like to explore further, visit cisco.com/go/licensing for all the details.


Damir Vrankic

VP of Commercial Offers and Licensing Experience (COLx)