So here we are at #CiscoIBC talking about the adoption of cloud and IP technology. Collectively as an industry we are creating massive amounts of data and powering expansive scale INSIDE our data centers to 40 Gig and 100 Gig endpoints.

But what happens to all that traffic as it leaves the data center?

Say you are capturing the World Cup or the Olympics and distributing it back to your home geography over IP. You need throughput to scale the transport; optimization to route the traffic simply and cost-effectively; and automation to enable real-time action based on real-time intelligence.

This week, Cisco launched the 4th Generation ASR 9000 platform, providing the highest density edge processing in the industry combined with the automation and optimization to simplify network operations end-to-end. What this means is that the ASR 9000 is the router of choice for complex places in the network, such as data center gateway platforms for translating between data center core and WAN core technologies.

Data Center Interconnect for Media Demonstration at IBC

At the Cisco booth at IBC we are showcasing Data Center Interconnect use cases for media and entertainment. While the foundation is the scalable throughput of the ASR 9000, we are demonstrating simplified network operations with Segment Routing to optimize traffic flows between data centers combined with API programmability to push traffic engineering policies across the network topology. And all of this is easily visible and monitored with our WAN Automation Engine (WAE) that enables you to model and observe traffic flows across your network.

So if you are scaling your media production data center but have not asked the question of where does the content go from here – come visit us. Or if you are building out massive GigE pipes for content transport or for disaster recovery and you want to simplify your IP network operations – visit us.

#CiscoIBC September 14-18. Stand 1.A71


Yoav Schreiber

Marketing Manager

Service Provider Video Marketing