Wendy Mars

Senior Vice President

President - Cisco EMEA

Wendy Mars is President of Cisco’s Europe, Middle East and Africa region (EMEA). With responsibility for Cisco’s growth, business and operations across the region, Wendy’s focus is on driving strategies which deliver on customers’ technology and sustainability transformation requirements and help to close the digital divide. Under her leadership, the EMEA region delivers over $13bn annually and represents more than a quarter of Cisco’s revenue. Having joined Cisco in 2008, Wendy has held various senior positions, including leading the EMEA Technology and Partner organisations. Prior to this, she worked at ThruPoint, a global consultancy and provider of technology solutions serving as the Global CTO, having begun her career in IT with Morgan Stanley. Wendy specialises in creating high-performing teams that are grounded in a powerful sense of common purpose, a focus on results and holding each other accountable. She is a passionate supporter of full spectrum diversity in business and actively participates in programs and drives initiatives that promote greater inclusion at all levels, with an emphasis on digital skills education. Wendy sits on the Board of Rolls-Royce Holdings plc as a Non-Executive Director. She holds a BEng(H) in Electronic Engineering from York University and an MSc in Operational Research from Lancaster University.


October 12, 2022


Webex Offers Full Data Residency in the EU

2 min read

New Webex customers across both public and private sectors can now store their Webex Calling, Meetings, and Messaging data in the EU.

April 25, 2022


Tackling climate change together

3 min read

Progressing towards net zero emissions is important, but none of us can deliver a sustainable future and tackle climate change alone. By connecting, we can make real progress together.

September 16, 2021


When digital becomes green and green becomes digital

4 min read

Cisco recently made our biggest pledge yet to bring our greenhouse gas emissions down to net zero by 2025, and from our whole value chain by 2040. You can’t keep commitments like these without making fundamental changes—changes that move you away from traditional business models. Here are the actions we are taking to get there.

July 12, 2021


Gaia-X: Partnering for Europe’s digital future

3 min read

The European Gaia-X initiative brings together leaders from government, business and science to develop a federated ecosystem of cloud, data services and data spaces, elevating Europeans’ rights and interests in line with GDPR. Cisco is proud to be part of the Gaia-X journey, driven by transparency, privacy, inter-operability and open standards.

July 7, 2021


Your employees are ready for hybrid working. Are you?

4 min read

Whether your business is preparing to return to the office full-time, or letting people work from home indefinitely, we know that employees want the flexibility to decide how and where to work. Cisco EMEAR President, Wendy Mars, lays out 5 topics to help managers prepare for a hybrid working environment.

June 8, 2021


Offering EU Data Residency with the New Webex

4 min read

Cisco is announcing the all-new Cisco Webex Suite for rich, interactive hybrid work experiences. Privacy and security are always top of mind for the hybrid workforce, so Cisco Webex is built on industry-leading security. We now enable all European customers, from both the public and private sectors, to store and process their Webex data in the European Union (EU).

Driving an inclusive recovery: How can Europe secure a digital and sustainable future for all?

4 min read

History will show that 2020 was the year when digitisation truly became a reality. Wendy Mars, President Cisco EMEAR, highlights the three areas of action needed to build an inclusive recovery: connectivity, sustainability and skills.

March 16, 2021


Future voices – education needs in the 21st Century

3 min read

To meet education needs in the 21st century, we expect that a hybrid model will become the norm as staff and students look for flexibility and choice.

Pivot to Thrive

3 min read

There’s no doubt that life has been tough and we have all had to find our own ways of coping with a different way of living. How do we find ways to move from just about coping to thriving in this environment?

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