In June 2021, I shared that we would be offering data residency in the European Union (EU) for European Webex customers. Since July of 2021 Webex by Cisco has kept user-generated content by European customers within data centres located in the EU.

I am pleased to announce that new Webex customers now have the added capability to store personal, billing and analytics information in the EU. This means that customers across both public and private sectors who signed up with Webex after July 1, 2022, can store their Webex Calling, Meetings, and Messaging data in the EU.

Organisations that became Webex customers before July 2021 have access to the details of their migration plan to transfer any remaining data to the EU in Webex Control Hub. This tool provides ever greater transparency as all customers can see where their data is located.

First in market to effectively answer EU data residency demands and more

Webex is now the first major collaboration provider to offer services and store billing, analytics, and personal information exclusively in the EU (except in limited circumstances as described in our Privacy Data Sheets). The Webex data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, is paired with a second data centre in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, for backup, resiliency and availability. These data centres address the demand for data residency within the EU that we are continuing to hear from our customers and partners

The Frankfurt facility is a flagship for our latest technologies and incorporates Cisco’s latest solutions to improve energy efficiency, including power supplies, internal components and cooling systems, and runs on 100% renewable energy.

“Webex has invested heavily in data residency infrastructure and engineering and is leading the way in E.U. data privacy. Their data residency capabilities are a game-changer for customers who require it, like public sector and healthcare. As a technology partner, we are extremely happy to see them fully embrace privacy by design in their backend and take European privacy and data security so seriously.”
Bernhard Albler, Owner of Frink Advanced Services, a Cisco Partner, Vienna, Austria

Privacy first: external certifications and end-to-end encryption

At Cisco, we believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. We integrate security and privacy from the earliest stages of development, so they are built-in by design, not bolted on after the fact. Our privacy data sheets show not only what data we are processing, but also why, where, and how it is protected.

Cisco is one of the earliest adherents to the EU Code of Conduct for Cloud Providers (EU CoC), and Webex was the first collaboration platform to be declared adherent to the EU CoC. This means that Webex passed the rigorous set of checks across more than 80 controls – from contractual commitments made in our data protection agreements to technical measures, including high-encryption standards.

Webex Meetings offers end-to-end encryption with Zero Trust security. This means our customers are the only ones who have access to their meeting content – including voice, video and chat. Our cryptology is formally vetted by industry leaders and academic experts so that our customers get the best and most up-to-date security protocols.

Powering an inclusive future

Connectivity has become foundational to people’s lives. I am proud to see Cisco’s technologies powering a more inclusive future for all — supporting businesses to operate more efficiently, supporting governments to provide improved services to their citizens, and supporting schools and hospitals to bring the best of education and healthcare even remotely. And with our EU data residency offering for Webex, we confirm our dedication to privacy and security.

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Wendy Mars

Senior Vice President

President - Cisco EMEA