Ulf Vinneras

Director Optimization Services

Advanced Services

Ulf Vinneras leads two pivotal teams within the Emerging Technologies and Innovation organization in Advanced Services: the Business Critical Services incubation team and the Solution Validation Services acceleration team.

Under Ulf’s leadership, Business Critical Services transformed Cisco Optimization offers into a flagship portfolio that maps to customers' business and operational goals, and enables a secure, efficient, and agile environment across all architectures. Taking best practices from more than 800 customers, his team developed and delivered a game-changing analytics portal called Business Critical Insights, powered by an artificial intelligence engine.

Ulf also leads Cisco Solution Validation Services. This group helps customers validate sophisticated, cross-architectural networks to accelerate the adoption of new technologies. It uses a combination of automation, Cisco labs and technology, and industry-leading validation expertise and standardized processes.

As an 18-year Cisco veteran in Services, Ulf has covered a lot of territory, literally and otherwise, having led Cisco Services teams in the Netherlands, Sweden, Africa and now the United States. He has expertise in Analytics, Automation, Business Transformation, Cloud, Networking, and Data Center. He is passionate about innovation and the extraordinary opportunity provided by Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to help Cisco customers to drive efficiency by transforming into AIOps operations.

Ulf also owns U.S. Patent 8,144,699 for auto-provisioning of network services over an Ethernet access link.

Ulf has an MBA from Alliance Manchester Business School in the UK. A native of Sweden and a former Captain in the Sweden Marine Corps, Ulf currently resides in San Jose, CA with his wife and two children. He enjoys running and extreme sports.


July 10, 2018


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