Shweta Saraf

Software Engineer

Wireless Networking Group


Shweta is an innovative and dynamic engineering lead and scrum master in Connected Mobile Experiences team at Cisco Systems. She currently leading the Agile transformation in her team to deliver top class Indoor location mobility services. Shweta is a certified Scrum Master and loves organizing Hackathons at Cisco. She is passionate about encouraging young girls to take up STEM careers and has mentored new hires. She is the Chairperson for Women in Science & Engineering at Cisco. Shweta has secured her Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California. Shweta loves photography and running and speaks 7 languages including C++ and Java.


August 7, 2014


Top Coders Win Cisco CMX Mobility Challenge

1 min read

Over 30 registrants competed in an online global Cisco developer challenge to use the CMX Mobility Services API and CMX in a new app using a simulated environment for a meeting host to automatically launch a WebEx conference, based on the location of the conference room where the meeting is scheduled.  Guidance was provided in a previous blog post, […]

July 10, 2013


Cisco Hacks: Notes from the CMX Hackathon

3 min read

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by two Wireless Networking Group interns, Nonie Grewal and Nivedita Jagdale, to capture their thoughts on the Connected Mobile Experiences Hackathon that they helped plan and execute. June 29th marked the start of the Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Hackathon in the Cisco San Jose campus. CMX, powered by […]