Over 30 registrants competed in an online global Cisco developer challenge to use the CMX Mobility Services API and CMX in a new app using a simulated environment for a meeting host to automatically launch a WebEx conference, based on the location of the conference room where the meeting is scheduled.  Guidance was provided in a previous blog post, which you too can use to develop innovative applications to create your own Connected Mobile Experience.


Numerous impressive submissions demonstrated how straightforward it was to create a new mobile application using the CMX APIs and SDK.  The winning entries submitted code, a video demo, and a read me file, which together conveyed their work using real-time location updates to trigger a context-aware push notification.

First place entry from a brand new TopCoder member “gitsIndonesia” received a check for $1500. It included very clean Android Java code which was well-designed and easy to follow, while applying object-oriented practices. It provided a great example of how to build a new location app from the ground up using the CMX APIs with no changes required for the server simulator since the client (the app) was used for location polling.

Second place winner “talesForce” (a new TopCoder member since October 2013) earned a check for $750 by improving the sample Android client and the server simulator to add the requested functionality of notifying a mobile WebEx user that their meeting was ready to be initiated, given their location.

Both submissions are in review for incorporation into future Cisco CMX offerings. Join us in our current or future developer challenges at http://cisco.topcoder.com.  Thank you for participating!


Shweta Saraf

Software Engineer

Wireless Networking Group