Shivesh Ganotra

Technical Marketing Engineer

Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Group

Technical Marketing Engineer for the Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions Group focusing on Wireless Networking. Shivesh is a Syracuse University Alumni Leader and holds a Masters of Science degree in Telecommunications & Network Management. During his graduation, Shivesh worked as a Technology Analyst and Network Manager for CCENT & iTELL Labs at the School of Information Studies, Syracuse University.

Syracuse University students help to build a Wi-Fi network for Haiti University

An avid EDM & Trance music fan, enjoys go-karting, spicy food & everything wireless!


July 31, 2015


Miercom Agrees: Cisco Controllers with Dynamic Bandwidth Selection are the Tops

3 min read

Cisco recently introduced another addition to its Radio Resource Management (RRM) algorithm – Dynamic Bandwidth Selection (DBS). Previously, controllers only had the ability to automatically assign channels and power levels, while the AP channel widths were manually assigned for each AP Group. A choice of 20MHz, 40MHz, or 80MHz channel widths were offered within the […]

January 8, 2015


Outdoor 802.11ac AP Performance Report by Miercom

4 min read

The brisk inflation of 802.11ac in the Wi-Fi industry is evident from the large stream of wireless products entering the market with a stamp of the latest IEEE wireless standard. With that said, the Outdoor Wi-Fi Market is certainly not staying behind to join the 802.11ac bandwagon either. Cisco recently launched industry’s first 4×4, three […]