Shaun McCarthy

Vice President and General Manager

Global Service Provider (GSP) Sales

Shaun McCarthy is Vice President and General Manager of Cisco’s Global Service Provider (GSP) Sales Theater, responsible for the AT&T Account. In this role, Shaun is charged with leading Cisco’s global relationship with AT&T, Cisco's largest individual customer, and managing Products & Services into and through AT&T.

He is a results-oriented sales leader with a passion for building world class teams and turning around organizations. He has a strong technical background and a proven ability to develop long term relationships with Tier 1 Service Providers and MSOs in North America.

Shaun prides himself on being a collaborative, results-oriented leader who knows how to keep things fun, take the complexity out of problems and drive toward creative solutions. He lives by three rules in his life and career, and tries to instill the same mentality in his team:

• Listen, learn and form your own opinion on things

• Figure out what you are good at and use it to develop your personal brand

• Always be customer obsessed and live by the 99-year plan

Shaun thinks it’s an exciting time to be in the telco industry because traditional networks are being disrupted, new business models are emerging, and 5G is playing a role in everything. A colleague of his introduced him to the term ‘disrupt impossible’, and he is determined to make impossible happen with his team, customers and partners every day.


It’s All in the Cloud: AT&T Builds off Cisco’s Secure SD-WAN Solution

Enterprise applications are quickly moving away from the data center and into the cloud. As service providers come to see this as a seismic technology shift rather than just a blip on the radar, they’re wondering how to deploy applications faster and easier while keeping them secure. AT&T recently developed a managed service offing based on our secure virtualized Software Defined–Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solution. Secure SD-WAN makes the management and operation of a WAN much simpler. It decouples networking hardware from its control mechanism using virtualization technology, allowing companies to build better performing and secure WANs.

October 21, 2019


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