On Oct. 20, 1964, NBC Olympics broadcast the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo Olympic Games to the United States for the first time via satellite, and in color. Previously, all coverage had been shown via tape, which was flown across the ocean, then transmitted to people in the states. Approximately 15 hours of coverage was shown live in 1964.

Fast forward to 2021, NBCUniversal (NBCU) will deliver more than 7,000 hours of content from the Tokyo Games to viewers. The moment those cameras capture the image, it starts encoding. That image is then transferred, via a network, by producers in the control room to viewers across the nation. It is then distributed to you, the consumer in 4k, wherever you enjoy watching the Games. It all happens in a moment.

Welcome to NBCU’s first-ever all-IP International Broadcast Center operation at the Olympic Games thanks to a Cisco network.

This is our sixth Olympics working with NBCU. The longstanding dependability of our network provides them the confidence in knowing the broadcast will be delivered seamlessly and uninterrupted. As all great Olympic athletes strive for peak performance, so should our network services strive to continually improve and reach new heights. From the moments that matter most to all those in between, Cisco is shaping the future of an industry.

Cisco’s industry-leading technology is also helping to power the next generation of athletes, with the world’s biggest e-sports stars relying on our network infrastructure. When Riot Games wanted to up-level their network and production of the League of Legends World Championship, they turned to Cisco. Across six weeks, more than 16 languages, and scores of countries around the world, Cisco didn’t lose a single packet of 3.2 TB of data in delivering the action to more than 100 million viewers.

This is really about what you don’t see on your device of choice. All the work behind the scenes, where sensors in the wireless network are delivering 24/7 monitoring and pushing critical updates. Where Cisco DNA Center with DNA Assurance is providing comprehensive visibility to prioritize and resolve any network issues. It’s gold medal-worthy automation that makes your experience flawless.

The 1964 Games revolutionized Tokyo. The Games in 2021 are set to do that again. NBCU will deliver more magic than ever before, and the world will be engrossed in the marvelous competition that is the Olympic Games. Behind the performance, will be a Cisco network – more dependable, secure, and capable of delivering when it matters the most. We can’t wait to watch!



Shaun McCarthy

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group