As we age, it’s recommended by doctors that we invest in ourselves with a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and regular exercise to maintain optimal health. Similarly, as enterprises and service providers’ businesses grow, they must continually invest in their infrastructures to maintain optimal connectivity for employees and customers. In the best of times, this was a challenge. Then came the pandemic, introducing the challenge of sustaining remote – and eventually hybrid – work.

With hybrid work here to stay, employees working from home part of the time require the same reliable, speedy, and secure enterprise-grade connectivity they used to enjoy at the office. Employee productivity demands it. This article will look at how Cisco is addressing hybrid work for companies around the world, helping foster collaboration while ensuring high-performance connectivity, productivity, and security.

Driving increased digital agility with new hardware, software, silicon, and optics solutions, Cisco is helping companies and service providers transform the future of work.


Shaun McCarthy

Vice President, Worldwide Sales

Mass-Scale Infrastructure Group