Technology changes like the weather – often. Today’s IT environment is ever evolving and vastly different than it was just five years ago. Data and analytics dominate the conversation and everybody is still trying to figure out how best to leverage their data with approaches to better serve the business, and the complexity that comes with data.

So, I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say that with each passing year businesses grow more complex and the need to connect and communicate accurately and in real-time inside and outside your business requires something more than a good communication plan. It requires an effective workload automation solution.

Workload Automation

Simply put, workload automation is the process of managing and automating business activities virtually and in the cloud to help businesses:

  • Increase productivity
  • Eliminate tools and resources that are no longer required
  • Reduce time and errors by doing away with manual procedures
  • Improve business intelligence
  • Realize faster and better business outcomes


Integrating Your Data

With the explosion of data and applications today, the need to integrate and share data across systems in a coordinated and automated fashion is extremely important.

Cisco Workload Automation (CWA), formerly known as Tidal Enterprise Scheduler (TES), is an enterprise software tool that manages IT jobs that support critical business processes, schedules and manages dependencies across regular IT operations tasks, ensures jobs run in the proper sequence, and confirms housekeeping tasks like backup are done properly.

We worked closely with a large entertainment and gaming company that had ~14,000 employees in 18 different locations. The customer selected CWA to solve its accounting and marketing workload issues. We were able to use a single interface to create, manage, and monitor all interdependent workloads across the entire business giving the company improved accounting accuracy in all offices as well as better marketing results for targeted campaigns.  Now, how’s that for improved processes?

Value Delivered: Workload Automation

Keeping pace with the continuing changes occurring in IT and DevOps drives Cisco to find new ways to deliver more value. Our upcoming CWA 6.3 version will help customers to further simplify the management of increasingly complex IT environments.

The new release will provide an enhanced platform for end-to-end Hadoop operations and allows developers to focus on building data applications without having to worry about integration challenges.  Also, it improves productivity through easy workflow modifications for new experimentations – an essential value of using infinite data.

In addition to Hadoop enhancements, the 6.3 release will deliver feature enhancements that enable development teams to focus on writing creative and optimal workflows rather than worry about the nuances of promoting workflows to production. As IT evolves and new technologies are introduced into organizations, we will continue to find new ways to simplify and improve customers’ business process issues.

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Kevin Ott

No Longer with Cisco