Cisco continues to make significant investments in our Data and Analytics offerings, including our industry-leading Data Virtualization software. The latest release of the Cisco Information Server, version 7.0.3, reflects the healthy collaboration that we have with our valued customers, and our talented engineering team.

Two forces driving the evolution of data management for analytics are the overarching move to cloud and SaaS solutions, and the rise of NoSQL databases as inputs to reporting and analytics. Responding to these trends takes agility, but it also takes resources—and at Cisco, we have both. We are making a major push to support new cloud, SaaS and Big Data sources out of the box, keeping data virtualization relevant to customers’ new IT landscapes and shortening time to value.

The 7.0.3 release delivers a first wave of over 20 new enterprise sources, and each release in 2016 will continue to add more sources, responding to customer demand, anticipating market trends, and addressing solutions to specific markets.

We continue to add features to enhance our data and analytics capabilities. CIS 7.0.3 makes it easier for our customers to use, see, and measure the value that they gain from using our products. This is not only important for our direct users, but also for the executive sponsors who trust them to support the business.

Highlight of CIS 7.0.3 features include:

  • 21 New Data Sources – Ready-to-run sources include Cloud/NoSQL (MongoDB and DynamoDB), Collaboration (Sharepoint, Google Docs), Social Media (Facebook and Twitter), Marketing Automation (Marketo, Eloqua), CRM/ERP, SAP and many more.CIS 7.0.3 Data Source Updates
  • Updated Standard Data Sources – Data source support for newer versions of backend systems: Teradata 15, SQLServer 2014, Oracle EBS adapter 12.2.x.
  • Analytical Functions – adding a variety of analytical and window functions to an already rich list of functions already supported.
  • View Usage Metrics – Metrics of end user activity is available for analysis and trending over time.   This will enable our customers to understand current capacity levels as well as peak usage by specific groups of users and demonstrate ROI to their stakeholders.

Download the latest release.

In addition, our customer community continues to grow. We work closely with our active Customer Advisory Community (CAC) that also collaborates with each other to continuously build more relevant and powerful products. Join the community today.


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