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Kate O'Keeffe

Managing Director
Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs Services & Strategy - USA

Kate O’Keeffe is the Managing Director of CHILL, Cisco Hyperinnovation Living Labs. The mission of CHILL - which is anything but - is to drive disruptive innovation with and for Cisco customers, bringing together diverse corporations and interests with the goal of generating ideas that will lead to breakthrough services, businesses and products.

Spearheading this process are 48-hour pop-up labs that drive joint investment opportunities for Cisco and its customers. Over an intense two-day period, new-to-world solutions are designed, prototyped, tested, and validated in real time. CHILL is the culmination of her vision that today’s hyperinnovation era requires both specific muscles and the capability to involve customers and startups in new and exciting ways. Since CHILL’s inception, a full 70% of projects have progressed to further stages, including to CHILL-X, a process where start ups are created from scratch.

As a native of Melbourne, she has proved her entrepreneurial chops as a fashion designer by founding, building and exiting a successful shoe business, Cinderella Bella. She’s also the recipient of numerous industry awards and recognitions including, most recently, the M-Prize Innovating Innovation Challenge, sponsored by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey, and a place on Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business 2016” list.

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