Jason Goecke

Vice President & General Manager

Cognitive Collaboration & Cisco Spark Platform

Jason Goecke is the Vice President and General Manager responsible for Cognitive Collaboration and Cisco Spark Platform, which includes Cisco Spark for Developers, Cisco Spark Depot and Tropo. Goecke joined Cisco with the acquisition of Tropo in 2015 where he was co-founder and CEO.

Goecke brings more than 20 years of experience in cloud telecommunication services and open source application development. He has extensive experience working with carriers and enterprises around the world. Prior to Tropo, he was the Vice President of Innovation with Voxeo Labs. He spearheaded the company’s vision in investing in core platform research and innovating new communications solutions that led to spinning Tropo off into a standalone company.

Additional experience includes Presence Technology where Goecke designed and launched OpenGate, Multi- Channel Contact Center Solutions, Proofpoint, SaaS security, and Exigen, BPO/ITO. Goecke was also a co- founder of the Adhearsion open source telephony development framework and previous board member of the Adhearsion Foundation.

Goecke serves on the board of Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education, an independent, education nonprofit whose mission is to improve the practice of continuous learning, collaboration, and change in the education sector. Previously, Goecke has been on industry advisory boards for Ericsson and Telstra.

Goecke holds several patents in computer security and real-time communications


June 11, 2018


Announcing a More Intuitive Intelligent Boardroom

2 min read

Making boardroom workflows more intuitive. SAP is working in collaboration with SAP Digital Boardroom and Cisco’s Webex Board to provide all-analytics on an all-in-one device to intelligently connect your organization.

October 18, 2017


Cisco Spark for Salesforce Is Now Available

2 min read

Now available, Cisco Spark for Salesforce puts essential collaboration tools in the hands of users directly within Salesforce.

October 12, 2017


Funding the Future of Collaboration

2 min read

The Cisco Spark Innovation Fund is a $150 million initiative to enable exceptional startups, developers, and ISVs to create new solutions to improve the Cisco Spark experience.

May 23, 2017


Working Smarter with Cisco Spark Widgets and SDKs

2 min read

Thanks to new Cisco Spark SDKs (for iOS and JavaScript) and Cisco Spark widgets for messaging and calling, it just became much simpler to integrate Cisco Spark functionality into all sorts of business applications. But while both offer new possibilities for third-party integrations, they serve distinct functions. The SDKs offer an impressive amount of user interface flexibility, while the widgets are the simplest, fastest way to get something up and running.

November 2, 2016


Discover the Cisco Spark Depot

2 min read

Rowan Trollope announced Cisco Spark Depot. This latest expansion of the Cisco Spark platform delivers an ever-growing catalog of integrations and bots for users and business of all sizes. Not only can you discover new apps in Cisco Spark Depot every week, it’s a place where you can publish your creations. And all Cisco Spark users can have access to them.

March 10, 2016


$150M New Reasons to Explore Cisco Spark

2 min read

This week at Enterprise Connect we announced the $150M Spark Innovation Fund. The fund will aim to foster even more innovation on Spark and Tropo within our developer community, through equity and non-equity investing.

December 3, 2015


Building a Developer Ecosystem

3 min read

This is part of a series on the evolution of the Cisco Collaboration Cloud platform, exploring the technical and design principles behind its unique architecture. So far in this series my colleagues have talked about various elements of our Cisco Collaboration Cloud platform. Rowan mentioned its origins and the problems we’re trying to solve. Jonathan […]