How do you build a better boardroom? I don’t mean physically build. What tools do you use to enable your team to collaborate better, build relationships, and make more informed decisions? How do you improve how work is done in the boardroom?

I love the way my colleague Jonathan Rosenberg approaches this topic. In his post “Webex Innovations Drive Change,” he mentions how fascinating it is to watch films from a decade ago. Work was very different in the boardroom back then.

Today, we’ve arrived in a new era of work. It’s an era we call Work Intuitive: The definition of a collaborative work environment. The boardroom is agile and adaptive, driven by data and collaboration. Technology fades into the background, supporting our work with real-time chat, live video conferencing, AI, and automation. And it’s an era in which the Webex Board is playing an important role.

Winner of Red Dot’s 2017 Best of the Best Award for “extraordinary, innovative design,” the Webex Board is designed with you and your boardroom in mind. An all-in-one device for team collaboration, the board is both intuitive and intelligent. The touch-based interface is easy-to-use. It allows you to present, whiteboard, audio or video conference, and annotate shared content.

Webex Board, Meet the SAP Digital Boardroom

The SAP Digital Boardroom, built on the SAP Analytics Cloud, is a boardroom portal that leverages SAP S/4HANA business data, as well as data from other sources. It offers real-time insights and gives your team the ability to make decisions faster.

In his recent blog post, Mike Flannagan, SAP senior vice president of analytics, writes:

“SAP is working in collaboration with SAP Digital Boardroom and Cisco’s Webex Board to provide all-analytics on an all-in-one device to intelligently connect your organization. This combined solution, delivered by SAP & Cisco partner CenturyLink, allows customers to leverage existing investments to share insights across geographically spread locations using collaborative markup features and seamless transitions across tablets and Webex Boards.”

The Webex Board will integrate with the SAP Digital Boardroom to make boardroom workflows more intuitive. Here are some of the features you can look forward to:

  • Easy sharing with global teams for faster decision making
  • Seamless device transitions from mobile to Cisco devices
  • Collaborative markup features that intelligently enable everyone in your organization


Are you ready to reimagine your boardroom?

Stay tuned for the official integration of the SAP Digital Boardroom for Webex Board. And check our blog for updates on other Webex Board enhancements.



Jason Goecke

Vice President & General Manager

Cognitive Collaboration & Cisco Spark Platform