Hey Spark, let’s get started.

We’re all familiar with Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant—virtual assistants that help you save time and get things done at home like check the weather, turn on your TV, set a reminder, or summon your car from the garage. These products are great in your personal life, but what about at work?

Have you ever been late for a meeting, either because you don’t know how to connect or you’re wandering the halls trying to find an available room? How many times have you forgotten to record a meeting or write down action items?

What if you had a virtual assistant that could do all of those things and more? Imagine how much more productive you could be by focusing on what’s important – getting work done with your team.

Meet Cisco Spark Assistant

Cisco Spark Assistant is the world’s first enterprise-ready voice assistant specifically designed for meetings. It leverages the deep-domain conversational artificial intelligence (AI) technology from our acquisition of MindMeld earlier this year. With the MindMeld team’s technology and expertise, we’re enabling cognitive capabilities within the Cisco Spark platform. This makes Cisco Spark a comprehensive AI-powered collaboration solution.

So, what will Cisco Spark Assistant help you do?

Designed to help you focus on the meeting, Cisco Spark Assistant will help you before, during, and after a meeting. We’ll begin rolling out Cisco Spark Assistant to a small group of Cisco Spark Room Series customers (and partners) early next year. The initial cognitive capabilities are designed to make it easier to:

  • Start meetings
  • Join and leave meetings
  • Call anyone in your organization
  • Navigate and control your Cisco Spark devices

A phased rollout allows us to receive continuous feedback. We’ll focus on making Cisco Spark Assistant smarter and more intuitive, improving its accuracy and usability, and increasing the group of devices with which it works. It will recognize you when you enter a meeting room that has a Cisco Spark registered endpoint, so don’t worry about memorizing commands, just speak naturally.

In the future, Cisco Spark Assistant will become a full-fledged part of your team.

Our long-term vision for Cisco Spark Assistant goes beyond joining and leaving meetings. In the future, it will become a full-fledged part of your team with the ability to:

  • Finding a free room… and booking it for you
  • Helping you share your screen or bring up a whiteboard
  • Recording meetings
  • Taking meeting notes
  • Finding relevant documents
  • And much more

In the future, Cisco Spark Assistant will leverage and learn from your calendar, company directory, and your activity in Cisco Spark Spaces. It will also learn about your organization’s unique business by processing internal data sources and gleaning insights from activities that live outside of Cisco Spark. All with the best-in-class security that you’ve come to expect from Cisco.

This is just the beginning. We’re committed to delivering incredible advancements to the Cisco Spark platform. So get ready…

Hey Spark, end the call.

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Jason Goecke

Vice President & General Manager

Cognitive Collaboration & Cisco Spark Platform