Achieving End-to-End Visibility in the Era of IoT

No one can say that manufacturers aren’t innovating. In fact, manufacturers have made great process improvements over the last several decades (such as Six Sigma and lean manufacturing).

In today’s world, the digital manufacturing revolution is changing everything. However, on factory floors across the country, there is still a considerable amount of unconnected devices and data silos. As a manufacturer, you could harness that untapped potential to drive even more efficiency and productivity. But, in the current state, those silos and unconnected devices quickly become operational bottlenecks.

Adapting to this new world of “always on” data means embracing the possibilities wisely. The goal is to collect and leverage all relevant data, without introducing new risks to your company. In this episode we will talk about how you can strategically tap into that data allowing you to:

  • Gain full visibility into the performance and working conditions of machinery and assets, which:
    • Improves overall equipment effectiveness(OEE)
    • Reduces downtime
    • Drives faster new product introduction(NPI)
    • Improves inventory turns
  • Increase coordination of maintenance schedules. This helps avoid unplanned downtime and optimizes plant cells through predictive maintenance.
  • Get insights into energy usage, then optimize workflows and operations to reduce costs.

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