It takes a village

One of the hardest parts about “Industry 4.0” is that no one has it completely figured out. There’s no “official” guide we can follow with detailed instructions. And what works for some manufacturers, might not work for others. This is because Industry 4.0 is not a destination with a finite “finish line”. Industry 4.0 is a journey that is unique to every organization and subject to change at any time. For these reasons, we like to say it truly takes a village to make digital transformation work by learning from each other’s experiences, best practices, and success. This year’s Cisco Manufacturing Summit in Atlanta, GA provided an open forum for executives, innovative solution providers, industry experts, and thought leaders to discuss the critical technology issues affecting today’s manufacturing organizations.

About the summit

The Cisco Manufacturing Summit is an opportunity for participants to share successes, failures and new ideas in a comfortable, yet focused business setting. It is a dynamic event packed with one-on-one exchanges, interactive sessions, and success stories from manufacturing leaders. Open dialogue is encouraged throughout the event to maximize idea sharing and ensure productivity. Participants not only debate and learn, but make key industry contacts as well.



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