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For manufacturers, every new connection point is an opportunity. And a risk. Because of this, manufacturing operations are changing to successfully unlock new levels of productivity and profit for the industry.

Since Operations Technology (OT) professionals are expected to be the experts about what makes plants run, they must change too. And, indeed, OT teams are becoming more skilled at networking and plant connectivity. But many OT professionals do not have sufficient training or education in cybersecurity necessary to manage the nuances and pitfalls of combatting advanced ransomware or other kinds of evolving threats.

Thus, plants find themselves in an awkward position: one where OT teams depend on IT staff that may not be local to the facility to ensure security and manage connected operations. Even though many IT teams often aren’t familiar with the complexities of plant operations and manufacturing technologies

To prevent issues, Operational Technology (OT) needs to take ownership of cybersecurity. But Information Technology (IT) holds the keys to expertise. In an ideal scenario of a cybersecurity incident, IT stays in control, but OT teams can still get what they need, too.

Where are the boundaries for threats to your operational systems? Who should be involved when responding to a cybersecurity incident? In this episode…

  • Learn what boundaries are and why your strategy depends on them
  • Build a realistic action plan to respond to threats and prevent damage
  • Discover where the majority of attacks are happening today
  • Use your organization and processes to build an effective execution plan to mitigate increasing risks

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