According to ABI Research, by 2028, manufacturing will represent almost 25% of the total generated revenue in the 5G ultra low latency use cases market.

What if, remotely…

Operators could run tools, technicians could monitor and maintain equipment, and supervisors and foreman could manage workflow and safety conditions?

To stay competitive, manufacturing companies must implement lean and efficient operations to improve and protect operating margins. They must also drive automation improvements by leveraging technological innovation. Innovations like remote tool connectivity and mobility enable factory workforce productivity and collaboration like never before.

In this episode we’ll uncover how connected and mobile technologies can…

  • Increase worker productivity – use mobile devices to give workers instructions, notifications, and information at the place of work
  • Reduce response and repair times – monitor equipment remotely to shift from preventive to predictive maintenance as well as remotely repair/tune equipment (when safety conditions allow)
  • Enhance recruiting and development – enable the digitally capable worker to use augmented (AR) and virtual reality to solve problems faster with remote experts
  • Improve plant safety – connect mobile and remote sensors to ensure environmental and personal safety conditions prevail

[Excerpt from Work Where You Need To Be Click here to read the full blog]


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