Al Palladin

Legal Director

Global Brand Protection

Alexey is a business and technology developer, leader of diverse teams. Currently heads the global Brand Protection squad at Cisco.

Alexey worked in senior positions incl. CEO, VP, GM, Board member. He drove explosive growth at Intel, where at age 24 he became the General Manager of the Moscow office and later won the top corporate award. At Microsoft he was responsible for all business in 12 countries; led a team that developed product features, which shipped in billions of copies and helped the company protect hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of sales; introduced a new approach to license compliance (SAM) & partner program competency, which currently drives more than $4B annually. Alexey also founded and grew a number of start-up businesses (media, virtual reality, alternative energy).

Specialties: converting emerging opportunities and technologies into solid businesses (assessment, strategy, rapid execution = results). Attracting diverse talent and creating high performance teams.

Alexey has done business in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Canada, China, France, Georgia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, UK, Ukraine, US, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates.

Present: honored to be working with an outstanding squad of crime-fighters, revenue and margin guardians, and preventers of malicious activity, protecting the interests of Cisco, and those of legitimate Channel Partners and Customers.

The organization is geographically diverse by design, spread among many countries on four continents. It is comprised of investigative teams aligned to Cisco’s sales regions (the Americas, EMEAR and APJC) that support sales and channels + engineering team responsible for developing and implementing anti-counterfeiting technology and fielding authenticity requests from around the world + business controls and data intelligence team that proactively monitors platforms for threats and trends + digital fraud and loss prevention = protecting Cisco's IP in hardware and software.


April 14, 2021


Cisco Brand Protection and Refresh Team Up

Protect your investment and improve sales with Cisco Brand Protection + Refresh! By working together to introduce new, innovative programs to our Partners, Cisco is protecting your investment, improving your sales, and combating counterfeits.

December 16, 2020


3 Key Steps to Protect Your Network from Counterfeit Cisco Products

Learn how to protect from Cisco counterfeit by accessing “Our Identify Counterfeit” platform, source from Cisco partners and check if your gear comes with a valid software license and warranty.

October 1, 2020


Prodec’s Journey With Cisco

With around 57,000 partners around the world, Cisco’s partner mega-machine generates about 85 percent of Cisco’s global bookings. It’s no wonder that Cisco’s Authorized Channel enjoys near-legendary status in the market.

July 23, 2020


Keeping Counterfeit transceivers out of our Authorized Market

Our team partners closely with both law enforcement and customs officials around the world to stop counterfeit products at the border, identify counterfeit operations and pursue legal actions against infringers of Cisco’s intellectual property rights, including trademarks.