With around 57,000 partners around the world, Cisco’s partner mega-machine generates about 85 percent of Cisco’s global bookings. It’s no wonder that Cisco’s Authorized Channel enjoys near-legendary status in the market.

A company that recently saw the real value of joining Cisco’s Authorized Partner program is Prodec Networks, based in the United Kingdom, and a provider of hybrid IT solutions and services designed for the modern enterprise. In fact, you can check out their story in the below video!

Historically, Prodec Networks had sourced Cisco products outside of the Cisco Authorized Channel, putting themselves at risk of trading in counterfeit Cisco products. Counterfeit products present potentially serious risks to network quality, performance, safety, and reliability.

Prodec recognized this danger, and following their registration with us as an authorized partner, have been focused on selling Cisco Refresh to many satisfied customers across the UK, enabling them to not only provide better products and services, but to also increase their own profitability.

Your company can also follow in Prodec’s footsteps by joining Cisco as an authorized partner and benefit from:

  • Enhancing sales numbers and profitability by cultivating a stronger relationship with Cisco
  • Increasing your company’s reputation amongst customers
  • Leveraging a range of different Cisco teams, programs, and support services
  • Accessing Technical and Sales Training for your workforce
  • Receiving marketing and financial support to help you close deals

If you’d like more information, check our Partner with Cisco and our
Brand Protection for Partners pages to understand how to become a Cisco partner and
learn about how Brand Protection supports our partners.


Al Palladin

Legal Director

Global Brand Protection