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According to a KPMG study – in cooperation with the Anti-Gray Market Alliance – counterfeiting is a big issue leading to an estimated $100B loss annually for the IT industry.

Cisco’s Brand Protection squad is committed to stamping out counterfeits. It partners closely with law enforcement and customs officials around the globe to help stop counterfeit products at the border, identify counterfeit manufacturing and trafficking operations, and pursue legal actions against infringements on Cisco’s intellectual property rights.

To avoid counterfeit products, follow these best practices when purchasing Cisco goods and services:

  1. Source your Cisco products and support services directly from Cisco’s authorized sources.
  2. Check the labels to recognize if a Cisco product is genuine. Access Cisco’s Identity Counterfeit Platform to help identify key security features on the Carton Security, PCBA, and Module Security labels.
  3. Submit Cisco products for verification on the BuyRight portal to perform a complimentary verification of your Cisco networking devices.

Why Cisco Refresh?

For partners looking to purchase Cisco gear for less, remanufactured products are a great option. Cisco Refresh is the best source for Cisco-certified products that that are like new. Fully warrantied, Smart Net eligible, and often shipped within three days, remanufactured products from Cisco come with current software updates and support services.

Cisco Refresh products can be purchased many of the same channels and representatives providing new Cisco gear. If you have questions about remanufactured equipment, please reach out directly to the Cisco Refresh experts at refreshquestions@cisco.com.

Check out and download the BP/Refresh flyer!


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Legal Director

Global Brand Protection

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Senior Director, Cisco Refresh & Global Compliance

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