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Cisco Connected Health Summit at HIMSS14 Highlights Patient Engagement

We hope you were able to join us and several hundred of your peers, for the 7th Annual Connected Health Summit at HIMSS14.  It was a half-day meeting featuring sessions by healthcare thought-leaders who discussed ways to transform the delivery of care through:

  • Cisco Connected Health Summit 2014Continuous patient engagement (pre-, point-of, post-care)
  • Accelerating the movement of clinical data
  • Individualizing the patient experience
  • Entertaining mobile apps
  • Personalizing healthcare for the 21st century

We have had many requests for the presentations so we have included some of the files here for you to view and to share with your colleagues.

A Fresh Look at Patient Engagement
Barbara Casey
Executive Director of Healthcare, Cisco

Barbara discussed her personal perspective on patient engagement, while citing new research illustrating industry trends and directions. 

Connecting Retail Clinics and Pharmacies to the Medical Home 
Dr. Troy Brennan
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer, CVS Caremark

Dr. Brennan described an integrated approach to the medical home explaining how CVS Caremark is evolving into a pharmacy innovation company.

Three Experience Pillars of Personal Health
Eric Dishman
Intel Fellow and General Manager of the Health & Life Sciences Group, Intel

Eric discussed his own personal journey through the health system as well as Intel’s journey to enable a “personal health” model of care for the 21st century.

Plan now to join us for the 8th Annual Connected Health Summit next year at HIMSS15! 

Summary: Healthcare in the Cloud and the Benefits of Analyzing Patient Data

The Internet of Everything is altering not only our personal lives, but also business practices across every major industry – healthcare included. From telehealth to increasing caregiver efficiency to data sharing, the IoE enables opportunities for improvement. But with these new connections and advances in healthcare technology, many physicians and healthcare professionals are skeptical of this new wave of advancements.

How do you appease these apprehensions? Hosting in environments that are HIPAA compliant to start. But consider the opportunities to use large data sets of a population for better treatment.

Healthcare in the Cloud

Cloud opens opportunities to utilize the Internet of Things to better treat cities, states, countries and the entire world. Physicians have begun using multiple devices to track patient information because cloud environments and applications can provide omnipresent access to medical records, as well as increase the opportunity for communication among other physicians. For example, when flu season rolls around, data can be gathered and analyzed from previous seasons to better inform the endangered cities of when the flu season will begin.

Dr. Jeffrey Brenner decided to see where rising healthcare costs were actually being spent; his research is discussed in The Human Face of Big Data.  >> READ MORE



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Florida Blue’s Healthy Start to Innovation

Florida Blue will serve as the anchor tenant for a new Lake Nona, Fla.-based healthcare innovation center slated to launch in 2015.

As Lake Nona in Orlando, Fla., continues to serve as a model medical city for smarter technologies, it will soon become the location for a new innovation center.

The Lake Nona Innovation Center, slated to launch in 2015, will house multiple tenants who will utilize the facility for innovative projects and research.

Insurance provider Florida Blue will serve as the center’s anchor tenant on the first floor of the multi-story building and refer to its space as the Collaborative Imagination Center. Within Florida Blue’s imagination center, entrepreneurs, and healthcare/ technology thought leaders will have the opportunity to utilize the space’s co-laboratory as a test bed for creating transformative healthcare solutions in addition to other innovative processes like design thinking, prototyping and collaboration.

Florida Blue’s partners will have access to the center’s space in addition to the company’s employees. Beyond the imagination center, the Lake Nona Institute (a Florida Blue partner) will lease space inside the building for its own innovation efforts.

But it’s no surprise that Florida Blue and the Lake Nona Institute will innovate under the same roof since Lake Nona has already pushed the envelope on smarter healthcare. In 2012, Lake Nona became Cisco’s first U.S. Iconic Smart + Connected Community complete with smarter community services and intelligent digital infrastructure. The overarching efforts around the smarter initiatives embrace the idea of the Internet of Everything.

Surely, the combination of the community’s smarter technologies and new innovation center will help Lake Nona continue to thrive.

Watch the Internet of Everything demonstration with Cisco CEO John Chambers and chief demonstration officer Jim Grubb during the Lake Nona Impact Summit in Oct 2012 here.

Patient Engagement and a Smoke-free World

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General’s report on the health hazards of smoking. While we are encouraged by the significant progress we have made in reducing the percentage of smokers from 43% to 18% in the past 50 years, the cost impact of smoking continues to ride high. According to the surgeon general’s report, the annual cost attributed to smoking in the US is between $289 billion and $333 billion.

According to the Cancer facts and figures 2013, in spite of Smoking-related diseases being the world’s most preventable cause of death, tobacco accounts for the cause of 1 in 5 deaths. In addition, the quality of life is significantly impacted due to the increased risk of chronic diseases.

Read More »

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Visit Cisco at HIMSS14 to see innovative solutions

Cisco HIMSS DiamondWe are looking forward to participating in the HIMSS14 Annual Conference & Exhibition from February 24-26 in Orlando, FL.  If you are planning to attend HIMSS14, be sure to visit the Cisco booth (#1453) to discover solutions for mobility, collaboration, telehealth, and patient engagement designed to help your organization deliver safe and affordable care.  Highlights include:

  • Cisco Extended Care: New browser–based health and wellness collaboration solution platform that features ad hoc and scheduled video consults, secure messaging, customizable pre–appointment questionnaires, a video library and the ability to capture readings from mobile devices.
  • Cisco HealthPresence: Highly secure and scalable software integrates high–definition video, advanced audio, third–party medical devices, and collaboration tools.
  • Cisco Interactive Services: Digital signage, interactive maps, and directions tailored to your healthcare organization.
  • Remote Expert: Quickly identify, locate, and contact subject–matter experts and quickly contact the most available resources through expertise tagging and presence capabilities.
  • Cisco Virtual Patient Observation: Centralized approach to patient sitting that can help improve the workflow for care providers, resulting in increased efficiency, staff satisfaction, and staff safety.

In the booth, you can meet with Cisco Healthcare specialists, experience hands-on demos, and watch our in-booth theater presentation.

Learn more about the Cisco booth, the Connected Health Summit on February 25, and the other exciting activities we have planned for you at HIMSS14.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Orlando.