Trish Williams

Professor of Digital Health Systems

Flinders University

Professor Trish Williams is a leader in research and innovation in digital health. Trish is Cisco Chair and Professor of Digital Health Systems at Flinders University, Co-Director, Flinders Digital Health Research Centre, and Director, Cisco-Flinders Digital Health Design Lab and Digital Health IOT Laboratory. Internationally recognised in her field, Trish applies 30 years’ experience in healthcare computing to research and practical outcomes in cybersecurity, health IoT, mobile health, medical devices, governance, patient safety, and health software safety. A passionate contributor and advocate for digital health informatics standards, Trish is co-chair HL7 International Security Workgroup and national expert on health informatics, security and medical device ISO standards. She has authored over 130 medical information security and safety publications. You can also follow her work at the Digital Health Design Lab on Twitter: @digitalhealthDL


March 7, 2023


Designing a better patient experience through information systems

1 min read

Consider how powerful it would be to clearly understand how to deliver better patient and provider experiences and to identify technology capabilities needed to achieve that transformation. Now you can, thanks to a new information framework.

December 2, 2020


Ensuring Safer Healthcare Wireless – Backed by Evidence

1 min read

Wireless technologies are now a mission-critical capability in the array of hospital network tools. But making wireless technologies patient-safe remains a challenge. Hear from our experts on best practices and evidence-based design.

October 7, 2020


A Tipping Point for Care Virtualisation

1 min read

One of the most remarkable impacts of the pandemic has been the speed with which it accelerated telehealth as a mainstream channel for clinical consultations. Read more about how the pandemic has served as a tipping point for virtual care.