October 17, 2018


The Wait is Almost Over: HIMSS Analytics INFRAM Provides a Roadmap to Infrastructure Maturity

One of the most dramatic changes in healthcare over the past 15 years has been the integration of information technology into care delivery. These innovations in clinical applications are great,...

October 15, 2018


Ask a cybersecurity expert: What are the top 4 tips for securing health data?

Senior Security Consultant Keith Rabbin shares his top 4 tips for avoiding data breaches and HIPAA-related criminal penalties.

September 27, 2018


HIMSS Analytics Developing a New Standard for Measuring Hospital Infrastructure Adoption

At HIMSS18, we announced our collaboration with the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). We're excited about how the new model gives healthcare organizations increasing visibility of their infrastructure architecture.

August 30, 2018


Overcoming Healthcare’s catch-22: How to ditch these five risky habits

Security. Efficiency. Do you ever feel like you have to pick one or the other? Healthcare professionals walk this difficult tightrope every day. On the one hand, you need...

August 22, 2018


The last time I was in a hospital – Exploring the impact of mobility on experience

The last time I was in a hospital was to visit my friend. Her mom was sick, and I went to keep my friend company. We decided to meet in...

August 16, 2018


Hospital IT – A bottle neck or platform for innovation?

The evolution of healthcare is propelled by shifting patient, caregiver, clinician, and staff expectations. And this “new normal” demands IT-driven experiences – mobility, IoT, reliable EHRs, and technology integrated into...

August 2, 2018


The new essential device for healthcare

The other day I had a scare. It was late afternoon and I had just picked my daughter up from preschool. As I helped her get buckled into her car...

July 25, 2018


First year residents: What to expect on day one and beyond

Congratulations! You are officially a doctor now. Are you nervous? Excited? You want to do a good job[1]. Your first day in the hospital is the culmination of...

July 10, 2018


The data breach is coming from inside the hospital

It's an old trope in horror movies: "The call is coming from inside the house!" For healthcare professionals, there's a similar tale that's almost as scary — and unfortunately, real. Find out how a modern data center can help stop healthcare insider data leaks.

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