Kedar Ganta

Global Director, Growth Verticals

Cisco Collaboration

Kedar Ganta is the Director of Global Growth Verticals in the Collaboration group at Cisco. In this role, he is responsible for product strategy and enabling strong partnerships across different industries such as Education, Public Sector, Healthcare, and Broadcast, including Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for frontline workers. Prior to this role, Kedar led the Interoperability and Cloud Platform charters at GE. He spent a number of years at Microsoft working on products and solutions including Dynamics 365 and Azure. He serves as the Co-Chair of Healthcare Industry guild, Steering committee member and Advisory council member for several Industry bodies including the HL7® FHIR® Argonaut project to advance industry adoption of interoperability standards. Kedar holds a Master's degree from Columbia University.


March 15, 2022


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