Ben Colling

Manager, Sales

Global Service Provider, EMEAR

Ben has been at Cisco for 10 years, with all that time focused on working with Service Providers to build future-proof and profitable networks.

Following the Cisco graduate programme, Ben joined the BT account team, and for the last 7 years has been working across all major EMEAR-based Service Providers as a Routing and Optical Integration specialist.

Ben now manages an elite team of Consulting Systems Engineers, helping to architect 5G-ready Access and Aggregation solutions for our Service Provider customers.


Leading the Way in 5G xHaul

Over the last few years, we’ve invested heavily in bringing the benefits that make Cisco worldwide market share leaders in Core and Edge Routing deeper into the network. Our service provider-focused IOS-XR operating system and other advancements now let us reach all the way to the cell site router, right where the wireless customer hits the ground. And we’ve gone one step further by creating a flexible transport solution that integrates fronthaul and backhaul networks, combining the various wireless and wired technology into a packet-based SDN for 5G. This xHaul portfolio is at the core of our converged, end-to-end packet infrastructure, from the access layer into the application, wherever it may reside.

November 30, 2017


Keeping Up with the Video Streaming Binge-Watchers

Video streaming services are putting new demands on Telecom and Media service providers. Developing the aggregation part of their network is crucial if they want to keep up

November 29, 2017


What’s the Real Business Value of 5G?

Providing 5G connections will be expensive. But service providers can achieve sustainable success if they invest intelligently

November 27, 2017


5G Networking: Who’s in the Driving Seat?

Our new solution is a cost-effective route to reliable 5G connections – and the innovative services they make possible

November 24, 2017


Mind the Gap: 5G Network Strategy Ahead

Segment routing enables data to take more efficient paths through a network, without extensive programming, and allows service providers to manage their capacity and traffic with less supervision.

November 22, 2017


The Future of Telecom Networks: Programmed to Succeed

Programmability is an exciting area of network technology that creates a world of new agile services for service providers. When it comes to creating fast, flexible, on-demand services, programmability is key

November 21, 2017


Endless Reasons to be 5G Ready

Learn how service providers are impacted and what are the endless reasons to be #5G ready