Greg Nehib

Senior Marketing Manager

SP Infrastructure

Greg Nehib is a Senior Marketing Manager at Cisco Systems Inc. focused on Evolved Programmable Networking, Virtualization, and Software Defined Networking. His 20+ year career in the Telecom industry includes Engineering, Product Management and Marketing roles at Alcatel, Fujitsu and Cisco.


Service Models and Automation are Transformational

3 min read

Learning from sharing experiences, automation is the leading light of network transformation.

Spring PONC -Three Game Changers!

3 min read

If you missed Cisco's 2017 Spring Packet Optical Networking Conference, here's a quick summary of some of the key presentations and top take-aways.

OFC 2017: Challenge Your Thinking on DCI

2 min read

The Data Center Interconnect (DCI) segment can be a difficult one to analyze across equipment vendors. Over-the-Top (OTT) providers are not always eager to advertise the architectures of their newest data centers, describe their DCI strategy or their vendor choice(s).

December 19, 2016


Are you ready for 5G xHaul?

2 min read

A major shift in demand is driving interest in new services and 5G technologies.

October 19, 2016


New Iraqi National IP and Optical Network

1 min read

The nation of Iraq is frequently in the news, but up until now not because of its ultra-modern IP and optical network. This week we announced that Cisco is playing a key role to restore and rebuild the Iraqi National Backbone, a multi-layer IP and optical project that both spans a long-haul terrestrial route from […]

BCE Parting Shots

3 min read

May was a busy month for trade shows and industry events. So much so, that keynote after keynote, session after session began to blur together. Given the event filled month, I find myself thinking about some events more than others. In particular, I want to take the opportunity to take another look at the Big […]

More Live Networks using Segment Routing

2 min read

It’s been a year since Comcast commented on the importance of Segment Routing in an announcement we made at MPLS World Congress 2015. The topic sparked even more interest after Dave Ward’s keynote (see featured content) at this very same event. Since then, Segment Routing is a top-of-mind topic and innovative use cases are popping […]

October 22, 2015


Mark Your Calendars for Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) GEN15

2 min read

Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) GEN15 is coming up soon. The conference looks to be bigger and better than ever. Here’s a quick summary of the basics: Who: Service Providers, Media Providers, Equipment Vendors and Analyst/Research Firms What: Gathering of Worldwide Industry Professionals focused on Metro Ethernet Services When: November 16 – 18, 2015 Where: Dallas, […]