Pramod Nair

Consulting Systems Engineer, Security

Service Provider Architecture

Pramod is a 17 year Telecom Industry veteran with the most recent 5 years working for Cisco Systems. As a Security Consulting Systems Engineer in the Service Provider Architecture team, Pramod delivers and executes on Cisco's plan for Security in the Service Provider space with his combined acumen in Radio Networks, Mobile Packet Core, Edge computing, Virtualisation and Security. Most recently he is kept busy with 5G Security Architecture related discussions with Service Providers and is also an invited speaker on security related topics with universities.

Prior to joining Cisco, Pramod has worked on Research & Development and consultant for multiple Service providers and vendors in quite interesting locations.

He is a serial Chips and Salsa eater, loves humans and enjoys spending time with his hyperactive daughter and a lady crazy enough to have put up with him for more than a decade


Why 5G is Changing our Approach to Security

5G is an evolving architecture which will require enhanced security mechanisms to cater to the widened threat surface. Cybersecurity is foundational to realizing dependable and resilient 5G services. Cisco’s 5G solution has security included as a foundation. Government regulators and network operators must work hand-in-hand to ensure cybersecurity best practices and capabilities are designed into 5G infrastructure and operations right from the start.