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Why we need big tech to prevent future health crises (and no, it’s not what you might think)

4 min read

Big tech investment in infrastructure and support for biometric solutions will save lives. Find out how in this guest post from Cisco NGO partner Simprints.

Impact-First Microloans with Kiva support small businesses during economic downturn

3 min read

In the current economic environment, many small business owners are struggling and yet may not be able to access government support programs. Kiva has launched expanded services to provide zero interest loans to small businesses in need.

How MIND Research Institute moved quickly to offer free math education to students learning at home

6 min read

ST Math, MIND Research Institute's flagship visual instructional program, is available at no cost to parents. Since it’s visually-based, students who speak all languages can benefit. We sat down with their CEO, Brett Woudenberg, to learn more.

How Cisco’s nonprofit partners are pivoting and innovating to address unexpected needs

3 min read

The most vulnerable populations are the ones disproportionately affected by the economic impacts of global crises. Our nonprofit partners in economic empowerment are able to quickly adapt to the way they serve others.

How TalkingPoints is helping teachers and parents stay connected to enhance student success and well-being

5 min read

We sat down with Heejae Lim, founder and CEO of TalkingPoints, to learn more about how TalkingPoints is serving as a bridge between teachers and parents right now, as well as serving as a platform that delivers critical information on behalf of schools.

Why we need field-based data systems for water quality

4 min read

Find out how Akvo’s world-class field-based water quality testing solution saves lives by making data available about the presence of contaminants that make water unsafe to drink.

How a digital data collection tool is helping humanitarians

7 min read

KoBoToolbox is a free, open-source digital data collection and analysis tool for the NGO sector. This tool makes it possible for disaster-relief workers to create surveys and collect data in any language.

Digital Green: Providing for those who provide for others

2 min read

Smallholder farmers produce more than 80 percent of the world’s food. But they also make up 80 percent of the world’s poorest people, which means they often lack the resources to grow their businesses. Digital Green, a Cisco social investment partner, is using technology to change this equation.

Non-profit spotlight: How TalkingPoints breaks barriers between teachers and parents

5 min read

TalkingPoints has been a Cisco Foundation grantee since 2011, thanks to their success using technology to improve student learning outcomes. To learn more about them read on.