shift left security

November 30, 2022


How New Features in Automation Exchange Can Help You With Security

See how new security features in DevNet Automation Exchange - Scorecard and KubeClarity - help developers address security concerns earlier in the development process.

July 11, 2022


Why Your Network Automation Should Shift Left Now

“Shift left” security is moving security to the soonest feasible point in the development process. We look at what it means to combine security concerns with the NetDevOps model to ensure that security is an integral part of the software development life cycle and for network automation.

June 10, 2022


Who Needs to Shift Left in Security, and Why

Moving your security work earlier in the development process, for both code and infrastructure, is a vital part of mitigating risk.

June 1, 2022


Get Ready for Shift-Left Security at CLUS

Responsibility for security checks and controls is moving to developers earlier in the code development pipeline. Check out the "shift-left" sessions and workshops coming to Cisco Live 2022, in-person... in-Vegas, or virtually.

December 20, 2021


Cisco Developer Relations in 2021, and What’s Ahead in 2022

Take a look at two key trends that shaped 2021 and how our community can get ready in 2022 - Shift Left Security and Cloud Native development.