Kate MacLean

Senior Director

Solutions Marketing

Kate MacLean is the Senior Director of Solutions Marketing for the Strategy, Incubation, and Application group at Cisco. She has over 15 years of high-tech experience, with a specialization in SaaS, product packaging and go-to-market strategy. And as a busy mom, Kate knows the importance of reducing risk, triaging issues and securing the limitless perimeter of life. Kate holds an undergraduate degree from Bentley University and her MBA from Boston University.


June 18, 2024


The State of Cloud Security Platforms and DevSecOps

3 min read

A new survey by Cisco and Enterprise Strategy Group reveals the true contours of cloud native application development and security

February 29, 2024


Strategy, Incubation and Applications shows up strong at Cisco Live EMEA

4 min read

Cisco Stategy, Incubation and Applications showed up strong at Cisco Live EMEA 2024 with huge announcements, countless breakout sessions, live demos, and interactive booths. Get the latest news.

January 29, 2024


Cisco Cloud Application Security (Panoptica) at Cisco Live 2024 Amsterdam

2 min read

Cisco is taking Cloud Application Security (Panoptica) to new heights of accuracy, speed, and effectiveness with new GenAI Protectionand AI capabilities. Come learn about the latest at Cisco Live EMEA 2024.