Shannon McFarland

Vice President, Developer Relations & Experience


Shannon McFarland is the Vice President of Cisco DevNet - Cisco's Developer Relations organization. His mission centers on fostering a thriving developer community built on collaboration, education, and awareness. With a strong focus on ensuring exceptional API and developer experiences, Shannon is committed to driving innovation and empowering developers worldwide. Shannon's passion for open source principles drives him to champion its adoption and contribution within the industry. He firmly believes in the power of mentoring to shape future generations of developers and prioritize initiatives that promote diversity and inclusivity, creating a more welcoming and supportive tech ecosystem for all. Together, he believes we are shaping a brighter future for developers and advancing the boundaries of technology through shared knowledge and collaboration. Shannon has been a Cisco Distinguished Engineer, an author (Enterprise IPv6 Networks), a frequent speaker at multiple global conferences, a multi-patent co-author, and a CCIE (#5245 - Route/Switch).


February 20, 2024


Accessing the Power of AI-led Digital Transformation with API Abstraction

3 min read

See how this year, like no other, organizations will tap into APIs to sidestep the complexity and cost of developing and maintaining their own AI solutions and models.

January 26, 2024


Shift-left Convergence with Generative AI Improves the Programmer’s Role

3 min read

We’re seeing profound transformation within software programming as the realities of new tools, approaches, and technologies come together. See how collaboration and converged platforms, plus the help of AI, will allow programmers to produce better software in less time.