The following is an excerpt from the 2019 CSR report.

Remote collaboration technologies help Cisco and our clients reduce emissions from air travel and commuting. These technologies include Webex Teams, Cisco TelePresence, Cisco Webex, Cisco Unified Communications, and Cisco Jabber collaboration solutions. Beyond reducing emissions, these technologies also increase employee productivity, promote work-life balance, and help us build customer relationships.

Replacing business air travel with remote collaboration requires more than just technology. Our business processes, management practices, and culture have also had to adapt. As experience with collaborative technologies increases, within Cisco and among our customers and partners, remote interactions have gone from being the exception to standard practice. Hosting and attending Webex meetings with other employees or with customers, partners, and other stakeholders has become as common as using the telephone. We use Cisco TelePresence, Jabber, and Webex for virtual company meetings, executive operational reviews, and department all-hands meetings.

In addition, about one-third of our annual global ISO 14001 site audits are performed using Cisco remote collaboration solutions. This real- world experience guides product development and helps with the rollout of supporting management practices. Because adoption of remote collaboration technologies has matured, we are no longer tracking adoption metrics included in our previous CSR reports.

Flexibility at work

Parents holding their toddler We have our employees’ backs when the unexpected happens. The last thing we want people to worry about is work when a death, illness, or a natural disaster occurs. We offer emergency time off (ETO) that allows employees to deal with sudden circumstances that require their immediate attention, without having to dip into their regular vacation or paid time off.

Even when not taking time off, flexibility matters. We give people the choice over how, where, and when they work. Cisco’s own technologies make this possible. Our products, including high-speed wireless access, TelePresence video devices, and social software platforms, support flexible work. For employees recovering from an illness or injury but ready to get back to work, we offer the Connected Touch program. This program provides workers with a DX80 collaboration unit, allowing them to work remotely using desktop video.

Talent recruitment and retention

We face steep competition for the same technology pool as other major tech companies. Today, we’re seeking people with skills in new areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud engineering. What we offer them: the chance to work on fast-paced projects shaping the future of business, to work flexibly, and to be part of a team-oriented culture. We set ourselves apart by putting our technology to work. We use Cisco collaboration technologies like Webex Teams and Telepresence to communicate with candidates throughout the interview process. Digital engagement through our cisco.com/careers site, @WeAreCisco social media profiles, the Life at Cisco blog, and video content shows prospects we are a business that lives and breathes innovation. Technology also helps us behind the scenes. Tools such as data analytics and automation are helping us map global talent flows and customize our strategies.



Jennifer Boynton

Corporate Social Responsibility Content Strategist

Corporate Affairs