May 10, 2017


Enterprise NFV Design and Use Cases – Part 1

Today, very few business leaders need convincing evidence about the benefits of digitization. That’s because they no longer ask “why” digitalization should be a business imperative. They’re at the “what” needs to be done stage – what are the steps IT must take to build a strong network foundation, on which the fruits of digitization […]

All Hail (and Support) Open Source!

Open source is not a panacea. An open source product doesn’t mean it’s cheap or free. And open source solutions don’t provide a cookie-cutter approach – every solution needs customization and usually integration.

3 Pathways to NFV Success … or How to Tame the NFV / SDN Monster

On your journey to NFV transformation, you may often feel you cannot escape your own personal Hades. We researched how your service provider peers are taming the monstrous challenges.

Cisco’s 3-Phase Plan for your 5G success

Cisco’s 5G-ready Unified Enablement Platform is highly efficient delivering significant cost savings while enabling new “5G” services over existing radio technologies. Read our 3-Phase Plan your 5G success.

April 26, 2017


Cloud Unfiltered Podcast, Episode 06: Reuven Cohen, Aporeto

Reuven Cohen works for Aporeto—a company that delivers comprehensive security for cloud native apps, containers, and microservices. But that is probably the least interesting thing about him, and to his credit, he didn’t actually pitch the company’s products at all during our interview with him on Monday. What he did do is rock our collective […]

Learnings from Operators SDN and NFV Transformation Study

Cisco recently conducted a study to understand the progress and challenges that SPs are facing as they go through SDN & NFV transformation. This blog highlights some of the key learnings from the study.

Key Takeaways from Mobile World Congress

We are witnessing explosive growth demand for devices, data, and applications, with the move to 5G. How is Cisco uniquely positioned to supply the network of tomorrow for our customers?