Reuven Cohen works for Aporeto—a company that delivers comprehensive security for cloud native apps, containers, and microservices. But that is probably the least interesting thing about him, and to his credit, he didn’t actually pitch the company’s products at all during our interview with him on Monday. What he did do is rock our collective worlds with an explanation of how artificial intelligence is already impacting our lives, and speculation as to how it may in the future. Oh, you think you know your AI, and you know how it’s already showing up, but I can guarantee that Reuven and Niki brought up things you’ve never thought about before. Like how it’s seeping into the creative realm, where music and art are now being created by bots. How it’s influencing politics. And how it may very well create an existential crisis for our kids.

On the upside he explains how he already uses AI every day to help make decisions about everything from how to invest to what he should say to Niki during this very interview.

If that’s not enough, he also gives us the inside scoop on what went down between him and the organizers at DockerCon last week, and he touches on:

  • Why it makes sense to embrace containers and serverless architectures
  • Which companies are doing containers right
  • Why NFV hasn’t caught on as quickly as it might have
  • What he means by “apathy as a weapon”
  • Whether legacy investments are a legitimate reason to avoid change

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Ali Amagasu

Marketing Communications Manager