Sidney Kriger

Senior Manager of Business & Technology Architectures

Worldwide Service Provider Marketing

Sidney Kriger is the Senior Manager of Business & Technology Architectures in Cisco Systems’ worldwide service provider marketing group. He and his team are responsible for evaluating and quantifying the economic benefits that service providers can gain by deploying Cisco solutions. They work directly with customers to build business case models to assess the specific business outcomes they can achieve with investments in new technology architectures. Sidney has helped build the Cisco Monetization & Optimization Index (MOI) to highlight the market opportunities for new services that service providers can offer and how much those offers can grow their revenues.

Sidney has more than 25 years of telecom industry experience, mainly in product management and product marketing roles. His focus has been creating innovative network solutions to solve customers’ business problems, as well as analyzing and communicating the business value of those solutions. Before coming to Cisco, Sidney ran business planning and operations in Nortel Network’s business unit responsible for Ethernet, routing, WiFi, security appliances, and other solutions. Sidney also held product marketing and management positions at Bay Networks, Wellfleet Communications, and Xylogics. He earned an S.M. degree in Management from the MIT Sloan School of Management and an A.B. degree in Applied Mathematics from Harvard University.


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