May 14, 2020


My First 30 Days at Cisco 

4 min read

From entrepreneur to Cisconian - Annie shares what her first 30 days at Cisco were like.

October 16, 2017


Converging Hyper Co-Innovation Inside and Outside a Big Company

6 min read

How can companies keep up with the speed of digitization? Here is a proven three-part plan that harnesses innovation best practices from customers, partners, and employees.

October 11, 2016


Building Blocks to Create Your Own Successful Internal Innovation Programs

4 min read

Since I started this blog series about corporate innovation and intrapreneurship, readers often ask which of my nine building blocks is most essential to mobilize an innovation disruption across an entire company. Which is the cornerstone?  Which carries the most weight? Which is most disruptive? Which impacts cultural transformation? Which turns employees into entrepreneurs? My […]